Take Off

Written while sitting in my seat on the plane waiting for take off from SF.

While in line waiting to board the plane I found myself truly overcome with happiness. A level of disbelief that I’m actually doing this. I actually have tears in my eyes while standing there. Literal tears of joy.

The last couple weeks have been truly hectic, working on moving out of my apartment, getting rid of furniture, moving into a small storage unit, planning, etc. Standing in line it all hits me. Probably helped by my taking a photo with my two bags that I’ll have for a year (or more) and posting it on Instagram. Anyway. Wow. It has finally hit me, and man what a hit.

I still need to fill in some of the gaps of the last weeks and months (which I plan to do in some future posts). But at this very moment in time, it could not be any clearer to me, on a base level, that I am absolutely and completely making the right choice.

I’m off to North Carolina to spend time with some family for the next week before heading to Italy. But this flight is me leaving where I’ve been living. With just a couple bags that really aren’t that big.

It begins.

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  1. looking forward to your travels and your thoughts as you post them here.
    savor the moments!

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