End of Ordure du Jour. Start of Unraveling Life.

I originally started this blog in January of this year because I wanted to try my hand at blogging and doing a bit more writing. I only wrote a few posts though and then stopped. I didn’t stop because I wasn’t interested in continuing to blog. But rather it was around that time that I started to come up with a new plan.

So, I’m retiring Ordure du Jour and will be starting Unraveling Life. My new Travel Blog. I’ll have some entries to fill in about the last few months and the preparation I’m currently taking for my upcoming travel plans.

I do still like the Ordure du Jour story behind the naming of the original blog, so also wanted to post that here, since the existing “About Ordure du Jour” post will likely be going away.

Anyway, here’s the story of Ordure du Jour. More to come about Unraveling Life soon.

Originally written January 3, 2015:
The name Ordure du Jour comes from something one of my favorite high school teachers, Paul Fehlhaber, said in class one day. On the chalkboard he had written “Ordure du Jour” and below that three things we would be doing in class that day, starting with a quiz. I was one of the first to hand in my completed quiz and after I did he walked over to my desk.

“Do you know what that means?”, he said, pointing at the chalkboard.

“I assume it means order of the day”, I replied.

He walked to his desk and came back, dropping a giant English dictionary on my desk and walked away. I flipped to the definition in the dictionary and chuckled under my breath.

He came back over to get the dictionary and whispered, “See you think it means order of the day, but it actually means shit of the day”. And then he walked away.

This is my first blog. And what better way to explain what a blog is, than “Shit of the Day”.