About Jeremy Journeys

Hi, my name’s Jeremy and this is my travel site, Jeremy Journeys.

I used to live in San Francisco, but decided to change things up, and I’m now traveling the world, and living in various places as a I go. A nomad, in popular travel parlance.

I no longer have an apartment in a home base city. During my first year of travel I kept a small storage unit, 4 feet x 7 feet (1m x 2m), but I got rid of that expense now as well. I’m traveling with just a backpack and a small second bag. At first that was carry-on only. A 40L pack and small bag. I have a slightly bigger backpack in my second year of travel, not to have more things, but so that my small bag can fit inside of it if I need to walk for longer distances. It was a weight distribution issue before.

At this point, I’m not updating my travel blog as much as I intended. I’m taking lots of photos and writing notes, but I’ve ended up so busy exploring that I don’t always take the time to turn my notes into something more readable. Plus other interests that I have time for in this lifestyle have been cropping up as well.

I do keep taking photos, and you can follow me on Instagram as @jeremyjourneys to see that content. I do plan to eventually make this site more of a photo-based blog so that I can get more updates online.

And if you want to reach out with comments or questions, or to give or receive travel suggestions, you can email me at [email protected]

The journey started April 20, 2015. The day I left my apartment in San Francisco, California and started living as a nomad.

Here is a picture of me as I started in April 2015, and one a year later. The journey is great so far, and it continues…