Whistling on the Streets of Florence

While in a corner of the Piazza Duomo in Florence, I hear a sing song chorus of whistles moving down the street. It’s a nice, melodic, multi-note whistle that is repeated down the street to my right, it makes it sound like it’s moving along the street, or echoing majestically off into the distance. I look around and notice that it originates from someone to the left of all the vendors who has spotted an approaching police car. The street vendors all pack up their wares in a hurry. Guys walk away down the street carrying a large collection of purses on each arm. Others with a stack of art. The off-white sheets they were laid out on are quickly cast aside onto the sidewalk and into corners.

Within thirty seconds, the sellers slowly start gathering back near where they had been before. All standing and watching attentively for about a minute. Then the make shift stalls are set up again. The wares are laid back out for display to passersby.

Business is open once again.




Note: faces blurred in images so as not to potentially harm the honor or dignity of these individuals.

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