I’m not visiting Rome…

…I’m living in Rome for a short time.

This is the thought that really hit me during my first day adventures. Standing by old viaducts and other cool parts of Ancient Rome, I became aware of a feeling that’s different than when I’ve visited cities in the past. Yes, it’s my first time in Rome and all the old history and ruins can certainly elicit a different set of emotions. But it’s different than that. It actually feels like I live here for the next week, or perhaps more if I feel like staying longer. I’m not a tourist, I’m a traveler living here for a short time. Already just a couple hours in and there’s something about that, which feels new and exciting. Will be curious to see what that becomes as I’m out and about longer.

Thinking about it more later in the day, I think part of the difference is also that it isn’t that I need to pack in so many things and then just rest and relax when I get home. This is home, as is the next place I visit, and the next. So all the other parts of one’s life need to get represented while spending times in these places too. I think that’s one of the things that will be great about all of this, and it already feels different.

I’m in Rome for a week, that’s not long in the big scheme of things, but it is a long time when visiting a city by standard vacation itineraries. So I have plenty of time to do all sorts of things here.

I was thinking today that since I’ve had a busy several months I could use some vacation time and as nice as the weather is, some beach time sounds good. I was assuming I might go to Naples after Rome, but I feel like a weekend at the beach, so I’ll probably look at options instead to go spend next weekend by some water somewhere. Thinking like that already feels like I’m taking on the lifestyle approach… although granted it’s a pretty great way to be able to approach a lifestyle.

Anyway, it was a distinct and different feeling while exploring Rome today, I imagine it will come up in other ways as I continue the adventures, so it’s probably something I’ll try to be a bit mindful of.

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